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   Over 250,000 individuals have enjoyed Hyak River Rafting rides. During those trips, adventures and holidays Hyak has documented nature and travellers images that many in the media have found useful.

   Send us an email with the description of the type of image you would like to use in your story about Hyak or scan through these low resolution examples so we can forward you the high resolution version, WITHOUT watermark, that best supports your publications needs.

   To order start by hovering over the picture you desire. The number for that image will be shown. Click on Contact Us below and let us know which you want.

   We appreciate your work to inform and promote the white water river rafting adventure and tourism goals. Thank You.

5229-002 Hyak Check In
5229-059 Hyak Ride
4700-021 Hyak Paddlers leave for the day
4714-075 Hyak Day Trip Paddlers Stop for Lunch
5469-008 Hyak River Rafting Mama Bear Scenery
4923-018 Hyak River Rafting Bear Scenery
5546-131 Hyak River Rafting Local Scenery
5546-134 Hyak Power Raft Boats leave for day trip
5546-172 Hyak Paddlers at bottom of wave
5546-177 Hyak Paddlers
5546-187 Hyak Paddle Guides
5546-239 Hyak Paddling with control
5546-241 Hyak Paddle Navigating the waves
5546-248 Hyak Paddle Thru Waves
5546-256 Hyak Paddle into Waves
5546-324 Hyak Power Rafting is Number One
5546-380 Hyak Power Spray
5546-394 Hyak Power Splash
5546-418 Hyak Power Navigating the waves
5546-428 Hyak Power Riding the Waves
5546-452 Hyak Power Watching Scenery in Super Natural BC
5546-456 Hyak Power Through Waves
5546-460 Hyak Power Into Waves
5546-464 Hyak Power Out of Waves
5546-469 Hyak Power Guide
5546-473 Hyak Power Ride
5546-612 Hyak guide working with paddlers
5554-480 Hyak visitors wave