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Hyak Wall of Honour

“Thank you so much for an awesome experience with our young adults on Saturday. Your team is very professional, safety conscience, personable and fun. We enjoyed it immensely”

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Karen Davidson


“Right from the start dealing with Erin, your receptionist was a very pleasant experience. She was friendly, knowledgable, professional and helpful. On the day of the trip the staff, besides being all of the above went out of their way to ensure everyone had a great time. Highly recommend your company!”

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Alda Messiah

5 Star Reviewon Google

“It was fantastic. My 4th time with you guys. Everyone in our group if 4 loved it and are wanting to do it again. All of the staff were fantastic!!!!! Thanks for a great time!”

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“I had a fantastic time rafting the Thompson River in Lytton with Hyak Wilderness Adventures and would definitely recommend the trip. All in all – the camping was relaxing, the rafting was exciting, the guides were knowledgeable (and hilarious!), the barbecue was delicious, and the western party was lively! I’m definitely going back.”


Julie Hrvatin


“Excitement and WAVES!”

“This was by far the best rafting trip I have been on! We chose the motorized raft which got us deeper into the big waves and crazy areas. It provided an amazing experience full of laughter and wetness!! Met some great people from all over and the guide, from Scotland, was not only full of fun "tall" tales about the history of the area, we knew we were completely safe in his hands if something were to go wrong. Very experienced guide. I highly recommend this trip for those that was some adventure...not sure a float down a river. ”

5 out of 5 Reviewby hotelgal74 on tripadvisor.com

“Best Rafting/Guides Around”

“A group of ten of us went rafting, and it beyond exceeded our expectations. Our guide Connor was amazing. It was rafting with a comedy show. Our group aged in range from 20-22 and Connor could have not been a better match. We had an absolute blast and will definitely be back. Thanks Connor and Hyak!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Micaha Tvete on tripadvisor.com

“We were visiting british columbia a month ago and decided to go river rafting. We chose hyak and i'm glad we did. Our guide, beth, was really cool and gave us some unique (fabricated) local insight into the rapids and the surrounding areas. Everyone was super friendly and the scenery was amazing. Despite the low water levels, it was a really enjoyable experience.”

5 out of 5 Starsby Ben S on yelp.ca

“Amazing experience”

“My friend and I got a Hyak River Rafting package off groupon. I had been river rafting when I was much younger so I didn't remember much about it. We had Mike as our instructor. He was great. He was very comfortable doing what he does and made the whole raft laugh the entire trip. I would recommend this trip to everyone who loves to have fun! :) ”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Madison O on tripadvisor.com

“Best adventure crew ever!”

“Some 'adventures' are nothing more than rides, where you're belted in and absolutely safe from harm. If that's what you want, don't go whitewater rafting with Hyak! If, on the other hand, you want an adrenaline rush 50 times a day, then this would be for you. You're part of it; you're a part of the crew; and the actual adventure hosts feed you and haul you out of the river if you fall in. Great bunch, especially Normand and Bethany.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby gyuliuscaesar on tripadvisor.com

“Power Rafting- Aug 16/15”

“Thank you Hyack!! The whole overall experience was AMAZING!! Next year we're gonna try and book the whole gang for an all-day trip. The entire staff was helpful, fun, friendly, and outgoing!!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Carole V on tripadvisor.com

“Lots of fun on the river - great views including wildlife”

“This is an amazing tour. There is a lot of action going on during the whole time. Lots of rapids. I was surprised that on low water it is even better. The scenery is stunning and we have seen a lot of wildlife including 2 bears. Definitely coming back. ”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Rizo13 on tripadvisor.com

“Great Adventure!”

“This past weekend we enjoyed a wonderful adventure with good friends!! Eight of us took on a river rafting adventure down the Thompson river with Hyak Wilderness and had a blast!! A very special thanks to BETH our wonderful river guide who calmed our nerves and made this a day to remember!! Lisa and Shaun Redmond”

5 out of 5 Reviewby redlight212 on tripadvisor.com

“Recommended ”

“We did the day trip with with Beth today. Lots of fun everyone had a good time. The day is very well organised and professional. All the guides are enthusiastic which keeps the trip exciting for everyone. Lunch was good to! Recommended”

5 out of 5 Reviewby sixty2strat from Melbourne on tripadvisor.com

“An excellent adventure”

“I bought tix for my three sons (in there 20's) birthdays. We had a blast riding down the river. The rapids are great - we experienced at least 15 foot waves. The weather was fab and the water temp perfect. We got to swim with the raft, once through some light rapids. Our guide was great with a quirky sense of humour. A good time for all! ”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Brian K on tripadvisor.com

“Exhilarating experience that's a must do!”

“We went up with a group of 9 friends. Our guide was Mike and he helped provide us with an amazing day. Very informative and friendly. After a great lunch at the begining of the trp we had a long and amazing paddle back to Lytton. Beautiful scenery and lots of laughs and excitement along the way. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a memorable day with lots of exercise and fun along the way! We had people from 62 to 52 in our group and everyone loved it! I'm looking forward to a return visit!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby VancouverCYoung on tripadvisor.com

“Had the time of our lives!”

“I'd start with saying this was a once in a lifetime opportunity but out of the 12 of us, every single one of us said we'd for SURE do this again! It was scary for about 10mins when you first start then the expert guides and the knowledge of the river flow puts you right at ease! We however did something our guide called a "Taco" I will NEVER forget and by her shocked eyes I'm sure she will not either! Beth and Mike were fantastic with our 2 boats! And the awesome Bus driver of course! Only sad part was their photographer called in sick that day and we did not get any action photos for memories :( But I had a water proof camera so got a few definitely not pro shots but good for memories! Cannot recommend this enough to people! Amazing!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby PandaHugs on tripadvisor.com

“Great time for all in the family”

“Had a great time today with Hyak river rafting. Four of us headed up from Vancouver on Saturday July 18/15 for the 1pm power boat trip, my wife and two kids , aged 10 and 12. We arrived, had a short orientation and after a short 30 minute drive up in a bus, we boarded the rafts to start heading down the river. As expected it starts off a little leisurely or as my 12 year old said a little slow. But that does not last long, the fun of the rapids soon are upon you. This coupled with the beautiful scenery and great guides. You will definitely get wet and there was one spot where I was almost tossed from the boat after a wave went over all of our heads. But hold on tight and you will get through it. Kids are already asking, when we can go back. Definitely will be a repeat.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Blueowlbc on tripadvisor.com

“Incredible Experience!”

“I had a great first time rafting experience with Hyak on the Thompson River! The employees were extremely knowledgeable and kept us well informed about the trip and safety precautions. Our guides (Beth and Jen) were not only great at steering us into the right waves but also kept our safety as top priority. They kept us engaged and entertained with the paddling, games on board the raft and some local stories throughout the 4 hour rafting trip. The lunch (included in the rafting fee) was arranged for at the perfect time and was quite filling! Also, the photographs taken by the company photographer were excellent. It's a wonderful way to cherish the adventure on the river. A must do activity while you are in Western Canada! I definitely would like to do this given another chance!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby NM_1991 on tripadvisor.com

“Best Day of our vacation”

“My husband, daughter and I spent a full day on the Chilliwack River Tour, which included lunch. We had a wonderful time paddling through the rapids with our entertaining and competent guide, Connor. You will need only basic physical fitness to participate and the staff will provide guidance on paddling (which was not too strenuous) and safety. This is an experience not to be missed if you are looking for outdoors adventure. ”

5 out of 5 Reviewby kclarson59 on tripadvisor.com

“What a Blast!”

“I was scared for my life when i got on board but then the knowledgable guide put me at ease. In the canyon we took a massive hit in the "Jaws of Death", i thought that we were done for for sure! We survived, got wet, and had the time of our lives! I highly recommend the after party... I mean BBQ as well ”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Jonathan L on tripadvisor.com

“Exhilaration to the nth degree!”

“My boyfriend and I acquired a super deal from Group-On which enticed us to try this rafting company. The fact that Lytton is an easy four hour drive from Vancouver, made it all the more appealing. Everyone who works for Hyak is friendly and knowledgeable. Our guides, Josh and Sebastian, ( a couple of Aussies) exuded charisma and professionalism. Their attentiveness to our safety was paramount. I was especially impressed with the geological and cultural history of the area that Josh expounded during the lulls on the river.
Having the opportunity to wear a wet suit, half or full, kept us toasty. They have sizes to fit everyone. The Splash Jackets are also a Godsend. The lunch provided was hearty and perfectly timed. We were not exhausted by the amount of paddling involved. In fact, we found it rather invigorating. The only strenuous activity came at the end of the trip when we had to trudge up a steep hill on wobbly legs! lol
Don't deprive yourself of this wonderful experience. I can see myself partaking in this adventure on an annual basis! ”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Heather R on tripadvisor.com

“Their 2 day adventure tour ROCKED!!!”

“Loved white water rafting with Hyak River Rafting. It was such a good time. Our guide, Josh, was awesome. The group was small and intimate so we had a chance to really talk and get to know one another. And the food was SPECTACULAR. I highly recommend you choose Hyak over the other rafting companies in the area. You will not be disappointed.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Flavia K on tripadvisor.com

“Wonderful staff, wonderful day on the river”

“We had a wonderful day on theThompson River with sun, white water, lots of big waves and fun. With a group raining in age from 14 to 50s, we drove up in the morning and it was easy to find, well organized and the staff made everything so easy. They have power boats and paddle boats to choose from and we paddled. We have done a number of rafting trips and Hyak's are the best. Highly recommended!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby BluPirate on tripadvisor.com

“Thompson River Rafting Trip Highlight of Vacation”

“We were scheduled with another outfitter on the Fraser River, but the trip was canceled (other parties canceled due to fat it was raining) and we were hooked up with Hyak - we were unsure what to expect because not only outfitter was different, but so was the river. On the section of the Thompson River traveled, there are 18 rapids covered during the @ 3 hour power rafting tour and there is plenty of excitement to keep everyone happy. We are very grateful that Hyak was able to accommodate us as they clearly added a boat and guide just for us. The guides: Logie and Will were knowledgable, confident, and skilled. The rafts and equipment provided in good condition. We recommend going out in August and setting aside any fears that keep you from taking this type of trip.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby worldexplorer88_11 on tripadvisor.com

“Take your Gravol and go for it!”

“Did the power rafting tour few days ago. Loved it!!! I was very worry that I would not be able to do it, due to extreme motion sickness, but I took 2 Gravol one hour before and had the best time.
   You first take a bus ride of about 25 minute to get to the docking area where the boats are. The ride is easy, all on highway with beautiful scenic view on left (grab seat on left side for best view). We had a guide in the bus that would provide comments on what we were seeing.
   Arriving at boat launch, groups are divided by boats and we got lucky to get the "big boat" I think it was 28 foot, which during rapids descend can bend more easily than smaller one, therefore you definitely get a stronger feeling of the rapids, which is what YOU want!!! Our guide Mike was truly a lot of fun showing us "goat and snake crossing" at many different areas. I think he may have spotted Big Foot in the wood....but no one else saw it! :)
   However we did see wildlife, with mountain goats and eagle. It was truly beautiful. During the descent, that last about 2 hours, Mike was very good at steering the boat and take advantage of the best rapids and wave, and would instruct the passenger to "switch" which would allow everyone to have a chance to sit at the front of the boat many time during the trip. This was very very good as usually if you are not lucky in getting front seat row, you just get stuck to where you sat...but not with Hyak. They want to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience the thrill of the front and get splashed with water. I chose to remain at the back completely, just to keep my motion sickness in check and everyone was fine with it. I still felt the full impact of the rapids and got splashed plenty as well but felt that I had a better view of the whole thing sitting way way back as I was able to see everyone's face during the trip. It was awesome!!! We stop for quick break along a small beach for about 20 minutes for granola bar and box of juice and then back to the boat for a final 20 minutes or so of rapids descent. Then we just walked up a hill for about 10 minute to get back into the bus and then few minutes on the bus to get back into camp. The whole trip was extremely well organized, you can see that they have done that many times and I felt secured at all time. We had floating vest and helmet and for those who wanted it, some additional fleece or water protector at no charge. The only thing is that you must have a pair of secure water shoes. No sandals at all, but running shoes are ok and any other shoes that are secured to your feet and in rubber material so not to hurt anyone else during the descent. If you only have loose sandal (like flip flop) you will have to buy their water shoes. No bare foot allowed.
   Overall a very fun trip. The water was cold at first but you get used to it within few minutes and don't notice it. The guides have lots of experience and no one capsized during our trip. It would be difficult to take picture as you are constantly reminded to hold the "grip" of the boat to avoid being tossed around...so it would be hard to snap pictures, but if you do want to do it, make sure you have water proof camera. They sell some at the camp. There is no shower (none that I have seen) but they have change room and bathroom to change back into dry clothes after the trip. Make sure you do bring change of clothes, you will be wet guaranteed!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Pounette166 on tripadvisor.com

“Enjoyed going on the best class 4 river rafting tour with Hyak River Rafting down the Thompson river @ Lytton BC pop 1300. It's my 3rd time with Hyak & they never disappoint!! Staff are always experienced and great & they are rated the best on trip advisor. My favourite part is getting thrown up the air by these powerful rapids as u hang on 4 dear life & scream!!! It's now a powerful motorized taking u up & down on the roughest rapids.
   Very cool seeing the blue coloured Thompson river join the silty coloured Fraser river. Big horn sheep everywhere and cool history of the gold rush era with train tunnels. Our guide was great at telling us stories and jokes along the way. We had a 8 year old boy on our boat with family so it's totally possible.
   We camped at Jade Springs campground with Western theme BBQ organized by Hyak. A great addition to the trip I recommend. It was country style party til late with professional can can dancers.
   You got to love camping next 2 a railway track on Fraser canyon with train screaming by every 20 mins & a highway buzzing above u. This campground offers Chinese & Canadian gourmet cuisine. A convenience store with beer anytime before 6. Not sure if it's real camping but it's the True Canadiana experience eh & had the greatest time. Bought this on groupon and new it was steal of a great deal!! Great time and will be returning next year!”

5 out of 5 Starsby Lanna L. on yelp.ca

“Tompson river trip, great experience for family”

Starting in Lytton, Includes drive up the river and float back down. Marvelous scenery, clear water, exciting but safe rapids. This is a wonderful trip to take a visitor on. Water is very warm in late summer, less warm in the spring. Rapids are actually more exciting when the river is lower, so August is prime time. There are a variety of durations and options, including paddle or powered, and multi-day trips. Paddle is probably preferable, as more eco-friendly and quieter, power is more like a carney ride. All necessities are provided other than swimsuits and water shoes. Hyak has a bit of a tired air about it, but equipment is in good shape, and operations are safe. This is an excellent adventure for first time rafters or people unfamiliar with the BC canyons.”

4 out of 5 Reviewby cryophile on tripadvisor.com

“The Hyak River Adventure in Chilliwack”

“May-July is the best time to catch the roaring rapids in Chilliwack like we did last June. A group of two 9-person Boat rafters, we started the 4-hour journey along the Tamahi, Sawmill and Swamp rapids for this adventure. Get ready to paddle the 18-km long winding stretch with Rapid levels one-four. Our guides were every bit as fun and professional from start to end. There is a lovely pit stop to see a falls fed through a hot spring from the other side. Take this trip and enjoy what nature has to offer. Roaring water and calm mountains.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Leslie S on tripadvisor.com

“A day of White Water Raftting - awesome”

“We just had a wonderful experience in Lytton, BC with the crew from Hyak Wilderness Adventures. A five (plus) hour of pure entertainment and adrenaline rush of White Water Rafting. Super scenic, our guides (pilots) are knowledgeable, experienced and witty. We had also the opportunity to see the wildlife, bears, mountain sheep, eagles, etc. Going through the rapids was a great experience. It was worth every penny and minute we spent on it.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Alexsalazar on tripadvisor.com

“Awesome day on the Thompson River”

“My first time rafting and it sure did not disappoint! My sister and i were picked up in downtown Vancouver and then had a three hour drive up to Lytton which was actually a lovely drive.
   The rafting experience was brilliant. The organisation of the whole day was flawless and the Thompson River really was fantastic to raft. I enjoyed every minute of it.
   Such a brilliant day out, Hyak were the only tour company I could find that would pick us up from downtown Vancouver and they couldn't have been more accommodating. They were also excellent with email communication when I was booking it.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby conorbuggy on tripadvisor.com

“River Rafting with "Big Wave Dave”

“Recently took our 11 and 9 year old grand children on a power (motorized) river rafting tour on the Thompson River. We had an incredible experience, the kids had a great time with a lot of "air time" due to the skill of our guide "Big Wave Dave". He was very safety aware, had a great sense of humour and was very knowledgeable about the history of the area (gold rush days). All of the staff were great. I would really recommend this trip if you want a thrill without the paddling.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby brucesuz on tripadvisor.com


“Friends of mine surprised me with white water rafting on the thompson river for my stag. All had a great time. Staff is friendly with a good sense of humor. So beautiful on the way down. This was a first time for me. I highly recommend it. We also stayed at there campsite and had there BBQ which was really good and also fun.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Younger82 on tripadvisor.com

“Wow Totally Exhilerating”

“Guides were great, Scenery amazing, Rapids were awesome! Even the drive up was Beautiful. Highly Highly Highly recommend Hyak Wiilderness Adventures to anyone who is considering a rafting adventure. We were blown away with the customer service and them going the extra mile every chance they got!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby jessica w on tripadvisor.com

“Looking for fun things to do in the BC lower mainland? Raft the Chilliwack River with Hyak River Adventures!”

“My hubby and I went on a rafting adventure on the Chilliwack River in May 2013. Although we have lived right by the river for 3 years (we own a B&B in the area), we had never had the chance to raft it. We had a great time with Hyak River Adventures. The staff was fun and the rapids were amazing...and although I joked the girly screaming in the back of the raft was "my hubby"...it was actually me :)
   Rafting the Chilliwack River is a must do while in Chilliwack or as an adventure out from Vancouver! It's only a 1.5 hour drive from the city. Very adventurous and amazing scenery.
   Thank you Hyak for the amazing adventure! Hope to raft with you again (I'll tell my "hubby" to not scream as loud next time...haha!) Thank you, Jessica from Riverbend Guest House”

5 out of 5 Reviewby JessBoisjoli on tripadvisor.com

“Hyak = Awesome”

“A group of us decided to go white water rafting, and only one of us had been before. The Lytton team was fantastic. They were fun, and experienced and none of us had any hesitations. The team was great with safety, and made sure we had a good idea of what we were doing.
   All of us had a great time, and are planning a second time. On a personal level, and as a travel agent I highly recommend this company.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Ashley604 on tripadvisor.com

“Exciting and Fun!”

“We did the power rafting trip on the Thompson River with Hyak and had an awesome time! It as my husband and I and my 11 year old son. I was a bit nervous, but "Big Wave Dave" did a great job of getting rid of my fears. The river was exciting and the rapids were a blast. The views from the river in the canyon were amazing! We had lunch on the river and that was excellent as well. I highly recommend this company.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Budgirl35 on tripadvisor.com

“Well worth every penny!”

“From start to finish the crew was very professional. The river was excellent. We had people with us who couldn't swim and they had a wonderful time Thank you for the great afternoon! We will be comin back next year for sure!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Mattymosh on tripadvisor.com

“Great trip and wonderful staff”

“My sister and I went on a day trip with Hyak and we couldn't be happier. The staff was friendly and helpful. Our guide was knowledgable and extremely helpful. We plan to go again soon! Thanks Hyak”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Jennifer M on tripadvisor.com

“Hyak River Rafting”

“We chose Hyak based on Trip Advisor reviews and we were not disappointed. We had travelled over 3000 miles to vacation in the Pacific Northwest and white water was on the "to do" list. Sophie was our boat Captain and Katie was the bus driver. We did not get to know the other guides, however, Sophie and Katie were excellent. I felt we were in very capable hands with Sophie. My husband and I (late 40's) and our teen sons (17,15) were exhilarated at the experience. The river was running very high and the water was frigid (2deg. C,) but the adrenaline kept us from focusing on this. At the end of the trip there are warm showers to warm up and clean up in. I can not wait to raft again!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby basketball_7 on tripadvisor.com

“A Must-Do for BC”

“I am 55 years old, just for you folk out there that think White water is just for the young folk! I have been on Hyak adventures many times now, and keep coming back again, either by myself, or with visitors from out of town. What a way to show people BC and offer them something they will never forget. The scenery is SPECTACULAR and the water is a thrill. The trip always promises to be a wonderful, exciting (and safe) adventure. I have gone with other companies, but I keep coming back to Hyak. The staff and guides are so helpful, not to mention FUN and entertaining. The tours are fantastic, rain or shine. I and my guests always end up feeling exhilarated and can't wait to do it again! And what a great way to meet and make new friends from all over the world. Go for it people! It's fantastic.”

5 out of 5 Reviewby Lee V on tripadvisor.com


“This is one that those things that you will NEVER forget to you did.
   You will never regret you did it.
   If you like fun and like to get wet. This is the best thing you and your friends can do.
   This was the greatest staff of people the most friendly and helpful. It must be a Canada thing because each and every person was will do above and beyond.
   Don’t put off planning this start looking in to it NOW and have fun. They have a facebook account. HIGHLY RECOMMENEDED!!!!!”

5 out of 5 Reviewby icare4U on tripadvisor.com

“Yesterday I went on a rafting trip and it was a great experience, thank you for the great experience. Our rafting guide(Dyaln)was excellent;he was professional and made us all feel comfortable. I enjoyed myself so much that I hope to be back before the end of the summer with another group of friends. Hats off to your company! A very satisfied customer.”




“ Your Hyak staff treated us as VIP's. We had so much fun during our 2 day stay! Seriously you guys have so0O wonderful people working for you. The special personal touch from these individuals was outstanding! Sorry if I missed someone's name but "big wave" Dave, Becca, Sophie, Crystal, Hobbit1 (Ian), Hobbit2 & Tom and others were just awesome ... taking care of us!”


Stefan Sarog


“Hey this is Alexis ( the girl from the Us of A) I wanted to tell you that I had a great time with you on Saturday. I am sorry that I didn't get to say good-bye.”

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“Thank you and your guides SOOO much for the trip on Saturday. I had my 13 year-old grandson with me. He had not rafted before. He was sitting at the front of the raft and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He really wants to go again, and I'm sure he will, with or without me (but his dad thinks it sounds great, too).
Katy took some pictures of us from the bridge and said they looked great, and she would e-mail them to me. I gave Sophie me e-mail address (plus it was on the waiver form), but I haven't received them yet. James' mother is a scrap-booker and would really enjoy having them. Any chance you could give Katy a nudge in the right direction? Thanks again for making available such great clean fun!”


Diane Petersen


“We had a great time at rafting and, Rodolfo, the Chilean guy,was an extraordinary group leader.For sure we'll be back rafting on Thompson river next year. All the best,”


Ion Molnar


“I would also like to tell you what a adrenline rush that trip was, a hoot to say the least, we went out 17th of July. Talking to friends and family here on the Island, and I may be booking next year. Also the guides were the greatest and everything else”


Darlene Jobin


“Just wanted to drop a line and say my group, Jane, Mike Nina, and Patricia, on June 18 Chilliwack trip, had such an amazing time. As cold and rainy as it was, we couldn't stop talking about how much fun we had. Paul was an amazing guide-very professional, upbeat, and always aware of our safety and comfort. He made our experience even better. I've rafted the Thompson before, but the others are now keen to do so and I would go again with hyak. Thanks for such great memories!”




“Just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a great time we had on the Whitewater Weekend. You all are great! Please let Buzz know that we enjoyed and appreciated him too. Hopefully he wasn't too tired on Sunday. We're hoping to see you again on the Thompson. Thanks”

Carla Boyer


“I was very impressed with the white water rafting event yesterday. My congratulations to the team, from the office staff to the courteous, helpful and enthusiastic young men who looked after us on the outing. It was great to hear an Aussie accent when we arrived....Adrian, who was ever vigilant of our welfare whilst on the water, as were all the boat handlers.

Thanks for the care and professionalism that was portrayed. I will have no hesitation in recommending Hyak to all I speak to, in the future, regarding a white rafting outing. ”

Marilyn Jackson


“Thank you and the Hyak team for a great day on the river! Give a big thanks to our guides Norman and Kevin, they helped to make the day that much more memorable; especially Kevin for getting us through our wild ride on Taco the wonder boat.”


Mike Nunn


“I just got back from rafting with you all on Sept. 2. I just wanted to let my guide, Buzz light year, know that he was "The Bomb" and that Kim and I had a "Bitching" time :) See everyone next year! Thanks again for a very fun day”


Sonya Popowich


“I want to thank you and all the other guys (Sermone and Aeron - spelling??) for orgainising my rafting trip. It was truely a brilliant day. Everything was so perfect, and I have some fantastic photographs to remind me. It has been the highlight of my vacation to Vancouver. Many thanks to you all. I know where I coming when I return to Vancouver sometime.”

Juliette P


“This last weekend I took a trip to the Thompson river. I own my own raft and do quite a bit of white water in the Northwest states. But the Thompson was to be a new experience. So we spent the 1st day (Thursday 8/5) scouting the river. While doing that we encountered several of your staff who were very helpful. We visited your base at Lytton that afternoon, and they gave us detailed information about the river and helped us arrange for a shuttle. We had an awesome day on the river Friday. I want to compliment your staff on being very friendly, helpful, and professional.”

Ken Fairbanks


“hi thought i would drop u a line to say a big thankyou 4 an amazing time last week, our guides name was super guide well that was he told us, (todd) he was such fun, i was scared about the trip and he put me and us all at ease, i will do it again, never thought i would say that, hope you will send our thanks on to him, we where a real famliy mixed bag , from england, ireland, scotland, and of course canada, tell todd arnyah says hi, thanks again”

sue england


“My wife and I went on the Thompson trip with Hyak last week and had a super time. Our guides were Simone and Erin and we cannot commend them enough for the wonderful time we had. The guiding was first rate as were all the off water arrangements including the lunch. Please take a minute to thank them on our behalf.”

Jimmy and Feroza Maneksha


“On Saturday, May 28 a group of 8 of us came up and went on one of your rafts down the Chilliwack. It was a fantastic experience. Tim was our guide and we presented him with a challenge. Our 84 year old friend, Dee, went on the raft with us. She had a ball. She is still talking about it. Tim made sure she was safe and he made our trip very enjoyable.”

Patty Colby


“We were fortunate enough to see some wildlife on the river. We saw fish jump. Spotted a bald eagle sitting on a low tree branch, fishing no doubt. Saw some small mountain goats or sheep. Saw some big horn sheep. Saw Momma Grizzly and two cubs. Plus "Big Wave Daves' famous skeleton in a cave. And plenty of trains. (all night long) The actual white water portion was fun and wet. The BBQ/dance was great, hats off to the staff. I will be recommending Hyak to friends. Thanks for your help getting organized. Cheers, Bill Russell AKA"(Bill 7") My group enjoyed the whole experience.”


Bill Russell


“Just wanted to say thanks for a great trip yesterday. It was amazing to experience both the paddle and motorized boats in one day. Your staff is very friendly, fun and knowledgeable. We had a GREAT trip and will be back for sure.”


Tracey Wood


“The job is to review the company AND the experience but there are several factors at play here. First of all the river tends to be high in May/June so going whitewater rafting in July leaves you with low water but still enjoyable and adventurous especially for beginners or new to rafting.
We arrived at the meeting spot and were greeted by Hyak guides who were friendly, informative, and open. Gave us the info and were required to wear bodysuits which I hated but the water was cold and what can you do? Anyway, the guide we had was Sophie and she made the trip 10x more enjoyable and always with a smile and a little sarcasm. It was informative and we seemed to be smiling and enjoying ourselves way more than the other boats. The trip itself was beautiful including the people along the riverbanks, the whale sighting, and the dreaded "Allyson" pool haunted by a ghost. If you ask Sophie she'll know what I'm talking about.
Lot's more to say but have to reiterate that this is Vancouver at it's greatest. The people at Hyak were from all over the world staying in Vancouver because of the beauty of it's nature and adding to the beauty of it's people. It would have gotten 5 stars if not for the low water at this time. Paddles up from Chicago.”

4 out of 5 Starsby Ben S on yelp.com

“Just wanted to say thanks again for helping me organize our trip this past weekend - it was awesome, everyone had a great time! Also, please pass on to Rudolpho (sorry not sure if I spelled that right) that he was awesome and our boat only had great things to say about him and the day. I will talk to you again soon, if not this year, next for sure Thanks again! ”


Kara Eastgate


“I went rafting on the Thompson on Sunday, Aug. 6 and I just wanted to let you all know that I had a BLAST!!!! If some could let my guide, Dave, know how much fun I had that would be great. Tell him that Sonja, the dental assistant from the 'big ford' (abbotsford) says thanks for all the laughs. Thanks again to everyone at hyak! :)”


Sonja Popowich


“Was excellant float trip. First time for me and Thompson was good choice. Wouldn't mind doing a more challanging one next time - but this was perfect for first time. How much does it cost for the 6 day trip? Thanks again”


Kenny Ragland


“I just wanted to let you know we all had the the greatest time! Thank you Ana & Nadine so much, you are both terrific ladies!! All the best ”


Kim Stone


“Hi there, my name is Rebecca Pitre, from Yellowknife, NT and I went on the Thompson River Rafting trip in August with my two friends from B.C. I just wanted to say thank you to the guides at the Thompson site for an amazing ride! They were friendly, knowlegeable and made the whole trip TOTALLY fun and enjoyable! I've now recommended to all of my friends from Yellowknife to experience white water rafting with you guys! Thanx so much for the ride of a lifetime!”


Becca Pitre


“Just finished the 3 day trip on Monday. Thanks for a super weekend.The food was great the staff was wonderful and the RIVER spectacular. I'm already looking forward to my next trip.”


Lloyd Short


“Please forward a HUGE thank you to Randy and your staff for a fabulous day Sunday!!! Our bus group of 46 had a fantastic time, the weather was great, rapids were terrific, your guides were awesome and the food was delicious!!!! Thanks again! Randy we are going to do this again next year around the same time........are ya ready??!!”


Stacey Spencer


“I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the professional and courteous service that I received from your company. It is nice to know that a company takes the time to listen to what the customer has to say, and then act on those concerns in a very positive manner. It is easy to see how you have built your company up to be as big and successful as it is.”


John McQuarrie


“I was river rafting with Hyak on the Thompson River last Friday Aug 1st, and I'm just writing to you to let you know what an Awesome day my boyfriend and I had with your company. Our guide was Paul (skinny Paul who lives on Vancouver Island). He was fantastic, he did a great job, and kept us entertained with his stories. I was really nervous about going down the river but Paul made me feel really comfortable and safe. Good Job Paul!!! We will definitely be coming up to Lytton again to brave the Thomson, we're already planning a trip next year with our girls.”


Lisa Leech & Brian Cooke


“I would like to tell you that my two friends & I had a super exciting, wonderful time on Friday, Sept 09, 2011. Being seniors, we took the power trip. It was the first time on any raft for two of us. We would all like to acknowledge our guide, "Big Wave Dave", for the most wonderful commentary, friendly & funny disposition, knowledge of the Thompson River and surrounding area, & his ability to put us all at ease just before entering each rapid of "death". The lunch they served us was wonderful. The 6 hour trip went very quickly. Dave made sure we were not bored at all. We even got to see a mama bear with her three cubs. I took pictures and sure hope they turn out good. We ordered the video of us and hope to watch that soon so we can re-live the thrill all over again. Thank you very much for accommodating us on that date. Perhaps next summer we will be brave enough to try the paddle trip. I know I speak for all three of us when I say...It couldn't have been a better experience. Until next year. . .”


Lynn, Leon, Jim . . . from Winfield


“The job is to review the company AND the experience but there are several factors at play here. First of all the river tends to be high in May/June so going whitewater rafting in July leaves you with low water but still enjoyable and adventurous especially for beginners or new to rafting.

We arrived at the meeting spot and were greeted by Hyak guides who were friendly, informative, and open. Gave us the info and were required to wear bodysuits which I hated but the water was cold and what can you do? Anyway, the guide we had was Sophie and she made the trip 10x more enjoyable and always with a smile and a little sarcasm. It was informative and we seemed to be smiling and enjoying ourselves way more than the other boats. The trip itself was beautiful including the people along the riverbanks, the whale sighting, and the dreaded "Allyson" pool haunted by a ghost. If you ask Sophie she'll know what I'm talking about.

Lot's more to say but have to reiterate that this is Vancouver at it's greatest. The people at Hyak were from all over the world staying in Vancouver because of the beauty of it's nature and adding to the beauty of it's people. It would have gotten 5 stars if not for the low water at this time. Paddles up from Chicago.”

Sophie Brochu


“I was a part of the group that went out on Saturday July 7th. Our group of 7 (under Shane VanCaeseele) came out for my 30th birthday celebration to enjoy a trip down the river, and boy did we get more than we expected! I know the trip did not end up as planned due to high waters which were rough and tough for the guides to manage at times, however, I would like to commend you, and our guide specifically (snoopy) who I felt prepared us very well for all the "what if's". When the boat overturned in front of us, we knew exactly how to react and were able to help with the rescue without hesitation. The situation could have been dire, but due to your organization and excellent reactions, we all have quite the tale to tell. Not one person in our group would hesitate to come back. We all got the thrill we were looking for and can't wait to get out again. Thanks again for a wonderful birthday and for being fantastic guides.”


Bethany Norman & Crew


“I just had to write to tell you of our experiences on Thursday. I was very impressed with the crew at the compound. They gave clear direction on what to do and what to bring. I did get the impression that they may have delivered that speech to many people over the years who were incapable of understanding rather simple instructions though! Our guide on the river was Sophie. After the first big rapid set, the group got a better sense of the safety of the rafts and then just went for it. Sophie was hilarious and kept the group entertained the whole way. She knows her stuff! The group was expecting a lazy day floating down the river so this trip came as a bit of a surprise for them. At the end of the day though, everyone was very happy and more than a few slept in the vans on the way back to Kamloops. What a great day and what a great experience provided by your company.”


Fred Legace


On behalf of my entire family, we would like to thank the team at Hyak for the professional and courteous service we received throughout our adventure! Andy, Logie (sp?), and Katy were just wonderful, and should we make it back to BC someday, we'd love a repeat trip. God Bless and may this rafting season bring you much prosperity! Sincerely, The Poillons”

Rick Poillon


“Had a blast on our trip thanks for the laughs, food, and great rapids…”


Dan Knorr


“Thanks for a great weekend.”


Cynthia Johnston


“Diana and I had so much fun. We're already thinking about next year's trip. Take care.”


Dianne Smile


“Just wanted you to know that we had a fabulous time on the river on Thursday. Our guide "Logy" (?) was super nice - funny, entertaining and comfortingly calm through some of the more crazy rapids!”


Jo-Ann Turner


“Please pass on to our guide (blonde gal) and the gang that we (the 2 nurses) had an amazing time on the river...everyone was great!
I particularly enjoyed speaking with 'Kenya' and the young gentleman from Zambia -as they reminded me of my wonderful travels in Africa. (sorry, forgot his name). Perhaps u could say a special thankyou to them for me and wish everyone some sunshine!
See you on the Thomson!




“thank you. The rafting was great and you have been great on the business side as well. We will be back!”




“...enjoyed my day on the Chilliwack and my vacation in Canada. I hope to return in the near future and would have no hesitation in using you again.”

Steve Horton


“September 10, 2008
Thanks had a great trip. Simone and Sophie were super. Got in a great afternoon skiing up in Savona too. Would you pass on to Sophie that we stopped at the Inn in Spences Bridge for lunch, great meal.

September 10, 2008 4:09 PM
That shouldn't be a problem to leave your speed boat at the base. As for breakfast, I was told that the Acacia Leaf Cafe opens at 6:00 am. Have a great trip!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 3:54 PM
We'll get up, Lyton for breakfast then see u?
Did you find out about where we should go for breakfast?
can we leave our speed boat in your compound while we're rafting?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 9:15 AM
Hello, we are a party of six wishing to raft the Thompson tomorrow Sept 12.
Morning trip, one run.
Please confirm availability”

Eric Wight


“Also, just wanted to let you know our whole group had an awesome time!! The whole crew was a lot of fun. We will definitely come back! Thanks for all your help!”

Rebecca Szendrei


“Was a great trip with you guys, would definitely do it again.
Is there a way to contact the photographer? I forgot to find him when we were at the bbq.”

Brad Solven


“Thanks to the crew the gang of 5 had a wonderful time! We have a few pictures for Paul here.”

Rachelle Thingvold


“Heh, great trip today. Very nice and friendly staff, excellent guides, good wholesome lunch and lots of laughs.
Pete and Kim”

Peter Graveson


“ Thanks for a great trip today, weather was stupendous too. Couldn't have asked for a better rafting experience, beats all our previous trips to date. My cousin was really impressed with the organisation of the trip, and how well our guide Sofie handled things. She did a superb job. My wife and I are just visitors, but I'm sure my cousin will be very happy to pass on details for future trips. Keep up the good work, and we'll be sure to look you up if we're ever back this way.”

Duncan Myke


“I just wanted to tell you everyone in our group had an amazing time! The guides (Matt and can I can't remember the second fellow's name) were awesome and did a great job. We definitely want to do this again! We're already talking about planning on overnight camping trip next year to maybe raft the Thompson! Thanks for a great weekend!”

Mathew Yee


“Just wanted to let you know that the river rafting trip was AWESOME and that your whole crew are really great too! Sofie was our guide and she is so good at her job... Thanks again and will definitely being doing some more in the future!”

Lehsa Gol


“Just wanted to touch base with you guys after our incredible trip yesterday. Warren, you have made my kids want to be Raft Guides!! We can not thank you enough for giving us a boat load of laughs, memories and adventure. It was positively priceless to have three generations of my family in a boat laughing, screaming, and having the adventure of our lives! Between you, the crusty pirate and the hobbit my boys have new characters and endless stories with which to entertain their friends when we go back to Ontario. Our trip with Hyak is one we will never forget ~ and one we are planning on repeating!!”

Nicole Lentz & Family


“I would like to thank everyone at Hyak Wilderness Adventures for providing an awesome day for myself. I appreciated the pleasant customer service I received from yourself when I booked, and it continued all day with all of our guides, and of course Katie. Simone did an amazing job of navigating her way down river, displaying confidence and skill which allowed myself a first time rafter to throughly enjoy the total experience.
Hyak should be extremely proud of the professional "fun" services they offer, and I can't wait to book again! Thank you all once again, for introducing me to River Rafting on the "Whack".”

Kelli Speidel


“Wanted to let you know that we had a great time white water rafing with Hyak. Going on the power boat was fun. Our guides were great. Our overnight at the campsite was fun and the food was good. Our 9 year old son told us today that he almost felt like crying yesterday because he had so much fun.”

Jackie Holtz


“Thank-you for the awesome trip this past Friday! All the staff were fun! The food was also great! The CD of pictures I bought were really amazing! I think there is an excellent chance of me doing the Hyak adventure again soon!”

Alexander Lovelock


“Thanks to all of the staff and in particular, our guide Tim, for another great rafting day!”

Cynthia Johnston


“Hi Britta, I just wanted to let you know that we made the trip on the weekend. It was great. Our guide on our boat was Normand. He was fabulous. Great sense of humour - made everyone feel welcome - and really knew what he was doing. Sophie was on the other boat, but we dealt with her around meal time. Again, she did a great job. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who was interested in rafting.”

Robert Prior


“I wanted to start off by saying thank you for a wonderful adventure on Saturday June 21st!
My mother mentioned last fall that white water rafting was on her "bucket list". So for her recent birthday we told her were were taking her rafting.
June 21st was the big day. We lucked out with sunshine to boot....
At 61 years young, my mother loved it!!!!
She has been telling her friends all about her exciting time rafting.
My sister and i also enjoyed ourselves, but the best part was to see how much fun my mother had
Again - thank you to all of your staff (Norm as well - he was our guide) so much for the great time!!!
I recommend this to anyone who asks how our experience was. ”

Jill McIntosh


“...great memories great fun....”

Jack Ruehlman


“Thank you very much for the rafting trip on Saturday, August 26th. Everyone had a blast and we really appreciated the BBQ at the end.”

Mark Nakamura


“Just a note to say my family had a blast! Sheri was great and handled the boat very well. My 75 year old Dad was worried he would have to paddle but he just hung on and enjoyed the ride.... my 11 year old daughter who was very apprehensive is already bugging me to 'do the Thompson'. Both my girls enjoyed the trip and I am glad we had Sheri there as a 'role model' for them. My 13 year old was very impressed with the outrider in the Kayak, (they had several water fights) and it was also reassuring for me to have him there...
With just one other couple on board I thought I would have to work hard but I barely paddled as Sheri was very good with the oars. I have done the Chekameaus several times and the oars are a great idea as was the centre rope to hang on to. ( I don't think my Dad let it go )”

Erik Vogel


“Hey Britta
We had a fabulous time and awesome weather......Tim N. was our guide and what a great guy he is! I must admit though, not being a strong swimmer, well, really I don't swim well AT ALL, we had a couple of girls that wanted him to flip the raft!!! I was not keen on that idea, so unfortunately the whole trip I was very nervous about that! However going through the rapids, I did ALOT of these! It was fun...I am a daredevil and I love speed! A bit strange to love the water and yet still have a fear of it! Oh well, NO ONE from our raft went over unless they wanted too! My husband and his work partner loved the swim through the rapids! My girlfriend and I did the "bathing beauty" thing! Everyone else just called us chickens!This chicken is actually what we looked like a couple of times going through those rapids! If I were asked to do it again, I probably would......You have a great company though, and great staff! We had a hoot with the other rafts and their guides too! They sounded like a bunch of pirates, yelling and screaming down the river with all the different nationalities and accents! We had some good laughs!Unfortunately, I was more sore than I thought I would be today so I skipped out of the gym, plus it was my arm and leg day and I figured I got my workout in yesterday anyways! So I am going to head outside and catch a few more rays....! Thanks again for all the help and we will tell all our friends about you!!!!I promise! We have a golf tournament in a few weeks and some of the prizes happen to be that same rafting trip, so who knows maybe I will win one back!!!! Take care ”

Michelle Stephens


“Thank you very much. It was a thrill... and my girls enjoyed it! Tim was a wonderful guide as were Randall and Sophie. I know there were others that played a key role in our enjoyment, but those three directly affected our enjoyment.
Thanks for all your assistance!”

Donna Laframboise


“Thanks again for such a fabulous day on Sunday. We all had a great time and we were thrilled to have Deuce again. I look forward to rafting again with you.”

Cynthia Johnston


“Thank you Ana for all the coordination in preparation for our rafting yesterday. I'm back in San Francisco. We all had a great time and Paul, our guide was great but I'm sure the others were just as good as he was except that I didn't have a chance to talk to everyone yet.”



“Our group had a fabulous time and our guide, Simone, was awesome. The staff was great and they even sang Happy Birthday to our guest of honour. Thanks again.”

Selina Fong


“I just wanted to let you know that we had a fantastic experience rafting with Sophie yesterday. Katie was also very helpful and cheery. Thank you so much!!! ”

Mary Matera


“I went River Rafting with Hyak at Lytton around the 23rd of August. I had a blast and recommend going rafting with you guys to all my friends. Our guy, I think he was an Australian named Rob was GREAT!!!”

Richard Kim


“I just wanted to say thank you to you and the staff at Hyak. My sister and I had a wonderful day. The gentleman who was our guide was great and really made the trip enjoyable.”

Jennifer Mathers


“WOW!!!!!!! What a great afternoon we had! Some spills, flips, chills and screaming, but, mostly fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And once again, my belief that Doug Gaudry is the world’s BEST RAFTING guide is affirmed! We didn’t lose one person off our raft, we didn’t flip, and we still had the most THRILLING and exhilarating ride of our lives!!!!!!!!”

Hedy Davidson


“Hi all, just a quick note to say what an awesome thime we had last Sunday with Hyak.
Everything was top notch and we felt very well looked after. I had to phone the office numerous times (thanx Brita and Cathy) as my numbers of people changed and everyone I spoke to was very helpful and efficient. On the river, Mama Boo was so obviously confident and competent, we all felt safe and had a super time.
The kids are still talking about our daring rescue of some of the occupants of the capsized raft in front of us. We all knew just what to do, definitely a high point!
Lunch was great too, perhaps a hot drink though for us old birds??
As Arnie would say, "We''ll be back!"
Keep up the excellent work!”

Pat Woods


“Yes! they had a fabulous trip even with the start delay. My brother will be going back to England with some happy memories. My husband, son, daughter and myself, are hoping to plan a trip on the Thompson River, later this year, when it opens up.”

Linda Rudder


“To say we had a wonderful time would be an understatement. We have all agreed that it was the best 36 hours we have ever spent. Thank you to your company and to Normand as we could not have had a better person to guide us through this adventure. You are very lucky to have him working with you.”

Karen Lambert


“We had a great time today. Thanks for the trip. My girlfriend would like to ask how you made the crab dip for lunch. She really loved it, and would like to make it again.”

Lee Andy


“A note of thanks from Freshslice team as everyone had so much fun on Saturday and everyone was happy at the end with the way Hyak organised the Rafting, special thanks to the guides.
Sophie mentioned at the end to collect $25.00 coupon at the end however we forgot about it. Is there any way we can get the coupons so we can plan our trip next time using the coupons.
Thanks and have a great day”

Maha Reddy


“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we enjoyed our rafting adventure and all your staff. The rafting was painfully great and the hospitality was unparalleled and we look forward reciprocating the vibe to you and your staff when you come down to the city.”

William Haidon


“Thank you very much for a fantastic trip yesterday, then hot soup at the end, that was great. We were very well treated from the moment we drove in with Dave telling us where to park to the end. And the pictures Eric did for us on CD are fantastic. We all had a great time and are very appreciative”

John Partington


“A big thanks from all the guys for yesterdays rafting day, all the guides and staff were really helpful and made for a great day on the river Chilliwack.”

Graham Menzies


“Some friends and I rafted for the first time with you at the Chilliwack last Saturday (June 7th). Simone was our guide and Taz came along for the ride. Simone was great, she really made us feel safe and gave us a few good thrills along the way. As a front-raft paddler, I got soaked which ended up giving us some funny pictures as well. This was our first experience rafting white water, and Hyak was not only professional and safety-conscious, but all the guides were excellent. Thanks so much for making the start of our vacation such a great experience!”

Marissa Armour


“Hi.....my name is Sarah and I came rafting last Sunday, June 20 (fathers day) with my brothers and my dad. I just wanted to take the time to emphasize how much fun we all had because of our AWESOME guide Mark. He made the adventure very enjoyable and definitely convinced us to come back again. Not only was he fun and exciting to be with but he looked quite sexy in his little striped outfit. Thanks Mark!!! You're one of a kind!”



“We had a great time and the weather couldn’t have been better. We might go back for another trip towards the summers end. Thanks to you and your whole crew.”

Sukh Ladhar


“I am writing to let you know that the entire team at Hyak deserves a huge pat on the back. We just got back last night from what was a great entertaining fun weekend. From the time we got to the BBQ to the exciting day on the raft on Sunday. We were a tired bunch after the fun night before, and decided to opt out of the second part of the double shot, as we had to head for the ferry to the island. I wanted to let you all know, that this was in no way a sign of dis-satisfaction but time constraints alone.
I was the one who set up the stag list for this weekend about 3 months ago, and Ana was a big help in setting up the link to take away the burden of collecting money etc from me. For that I am extremely thankful.
Also, our guide was Becca, and I wanted to say that she made our trip even more enjoyable than any of the ones I have been on in the past. So if you could extend a big thank- you to her that would be great. I have been a customer of hyak for at least 12 years now, and will keep on going because it is so much fun.
I can't say thank you enough.”

Adrian MacInnis


“Just wanted to send props to dave. He’s an excellent guide, super personable and fun! I really appreciated how he responded to our group, giving each person the experience they were looking for. Dave led an experience that exceeded any expectations I had of the day. It was my first time rafting and I’m sold on the experience. Thanks to Hyak and all the other guides too. It added a lot to witness the team playing off each other and having fun together. I’m re-inspired about life; the river is a great teacher.

Amber Wood


“I would like to thank all of your staff in Lytton for this weekend.
We had seven people on the saturday trip, one of our party was frightened to paddle, your guide EZ was great with her and she was able to come along sitting in the middle of the raft. We all had a wonderful time both rafting and at the BBQ ( but you did need more food). Most of us being rafting virgins are wondering why we took so long to try it, the experience was great, made even better by your amazing staff. A special thanks to EZ and Evil (aka the Rock).
We will be coming back to raft with you soon and have already been raving about you to all our friends.
Thanks again for a great time”

Deborah Birza


“...had the most exhilarating trip!...Our guide, Sophie, was so clear about the safety instructions and the procedures that I felt very confident that we were going to be able to handle whatever the adventure would send our way! I also had utmost faith in Sophie's ability to make sure all her crew members were going to have a good and exciting time - and return safely. That was a big relief for this anxious 'old person' !!! It was great to experience such an exciting adventure and to know the 'old ticker' could handle such excitement!!! My husband enjoyed himself immensely and said he would do it again. YAY!!! You have a fantastic crew of young people directing these trips and their competence and knowledge make for a safe and exciting adventure. Their teamwork and communication with each other is most admirable. You have a strong team there!!!!! Whether it is part of their policy or whether it's just their welcoming personalities, the fact they took the time to speak to us and make us feel so 'included' was also a very professional touch. Most impressed!!!... Thanks again for your help on this trip. I will be telling all the family and encouraging them to do it themselves!!!!!”

Sidney and Chris Lott


“I wanted to write you an email to tell you how much we appreciated the fantastic service we had today with your crew. My students all had a fantastic time. Paul, Mike, Sophia, Jonathan and the other staff (sorry I couldn't remember them all) really had them laughing and grinning from ear to ear. I will suggest to the college that we consider an overnight trip in the near future.”

Tanya Ploquin


“Last weekend we spent Saturday and Sunday with Hyak River Rafting, baking in the over 40-degree sun, as we navigated the Thompson River from Ashcroft to Lytton. Fortunately, when river rafting you DO get wet and the Thompson River is a wonderfully cool river.
Captain Wendi Harder took delight, as a woman, in telling twelve men what to do as she moulded us, all friends, into a snappy paddling crew while we bounced through Black Canyon just down river from Ashcroft.
Then, after a good meal and night’s sleep on the very hard ground of Fantasy Island, near Spences Bridge, we hit the big time. The first day you learn about the river and how to handle the raft, the second day you put it all to good use.
Through white water rapids called, The Frog, Devils Kitchen, Witches Cauldron, Green Monster, Jaws of Death and many, many more you’re thankful you listened to Captain Wendi...
Soon, too soon, the Thompson spits us out into the muddy Fraser River at Lytton and the trip is over.
Hyak and Wendi did a great job on this fun trip. Safety is paramount. With very good life jackets, hard hats and constant safety reminders from Wendi you are as safe as you could possibly be, short of staying home. The food provided at lunch breaks and dinner was excellent considering where we were.
This is a part of SuperNatural BC and a great treasure at our back door. We highly recommend Thompson River Rafting.

New Hope Herald


“Greetings! I want to let you know that I had a great trip on the Thompson river - along with my brother and wife.”

Rod Gagnier


“It would be hard to find a nicer bunch of people. Had a great time and will definitely return. Thanks Hyak and esp Dylan and Normand for lots of laughs and a complete lack of stress. Could quite happily have rafted all week...”

Ian Drysdale


“ I just wanted to say thank you for such a fun little raft trip!! I went on it today with your guide Deuce, and I had alot of fun! The staff was alot of fun too, Tim (yes I remembered your name), was especially fun on the way up in the bus. However, all your staff was exceptionally cheerfull and even the trainees were super nice(I don't know whats in the water but it has an effect). We'll definitely be coming back to do the Thompson!!
Thanks again for making it so much fun! Emily (the girl who jumped in the water ;)”

Katharine Mayo


“I wanted to say thanks for all the work you did for the trip. Everything went perfectly, and everyone had a great time. This couldn't have worked out better than it did. Everyone says thanks!”

Marc Alteman


“I am a Geology teacher at Terry Fox Secondary in Port Coquitlam. I routinely take students on field trips to various locations (local and farther a field.) We have been rafting several times on the Thompson River and even once on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.
On June 2, 2007, I brought 20 people to raft the Chilliwack River with HYAK Adventures. We had an exciting but safe time:
•The welcoming staff was very organized and efficient. They made sure we would be warm enough and were all equipped with wet suites, splash jackets, helmets and life jackets.
•I was impressed with the numbers of support staff that worked behind the scenes to ensure a good day for all participants (i.e. the crew that met and served us lunch.)
•The raft guides were friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Prior to launch we were taught what to do in the event of an emergency and how to paddle – together! They ensured that we were safe at all times including having us portage around a particularly rough section of the river (much to some of the students’ disappointment!)
•There were also kayakers who scouted ahead to warn of danger spots and stayed near us to perform any rescues, if needed, with their more maneuverable crafts.
This activity was definitely safe and appropriate for the secondary level students that participated in the trip with me. I would highly recommend rafting with HYAK Adventures to anyone interested in an amazingly fun, but safe, time!”

Teena Della


“My family and I enjoyed a Hyak company 2 day fantasy island raft trip on the Thompson River on July 31st - August 1. It was a fabulous experience, made better by the level of competence shown by our guides, Norman and Dillon.
Norman had great concern for the safety of the whole group and I was very pleased that my children were on his boat. I would have been equally pleased had they been on our boat with Dillon, because he was an excellent guide. He was always aware of safety but also ensured that we got the most fun out of our ride down the river. I was also impressed by his maturity, strength and ability to interact with people of all ages.
Our church youth group, led by John Townsend, all had a great time and we hope participate in activities with your company in the future!”

Jennifer Moyer


“I just want to let you know what a great time my son and I had last weekend. I applaud Normand and Sophie for their expertise in guiding our group safely down the river and for their culinary abilities they both did a great job! I told them they were overworked and underpaid. I am going to plan another trip up there soon hopefully before the end of the season if not, then next year for certain. Thanks again to Normand and Sophie for making our first rafting trip a memorable and enjoyable experience.”

Karie Storle


“hello~ my name is ji-hyun.l visited there in July with my friends.
it was great expereance. Chilywak River was so clean and the mountains and blue sky was perfect.(and our instructor was extremely perfect too.^^ ;; maybe that's way it was so impressive for me- it's kidding~) l couldn't forget it eventhough i came back to my hometown.
you know after i went there ,l used to try to make your appetizer and whenever i eat out , i ordered appetizer .however it was not delicious as yours.
i guess it seems to be feel because after we exercised and suffured.
i'm gonna go to vancouver again in 2 years and l hope to go hyaking there.
and i wanna see eric again^^
thanks for giving me good experience.
(ps. could you let me know your appetizer recipe?
we ate it with cracker and lemon soda and there were shrimp , mayo...etc.
you know, it was the best exotic food in my life and i'll never forget its taste)”

Ji Hyun


“My group and I (group of 7 turned 6 - under name Meghan Hildebrand) went rafting yesterday (august 14th - the 1130am time slot) and I had one small request to ask of you. I'd first like to say THANK YOU! for the absolutely wonderful experience that we were given. It was the most incredible event I have ever experienced, from the scenary to getting tossed out in Devil's Kitchen. Well, that wasn't so pleasant ;) but being rescued sure was!
Anyways, I was hoping that you would be able to connect me with Logi (either his phone number or email or passing this off to him) our guide. His brother Ian was also in our boat and he was snapping his own pictures through out. He mentioned that he would email his pictures to us but we forgot to get his email address at the end! :(”

Kevin Wilkie


“Hi,we went rafting on the 11th of august,on the thompson river and we really had a great day with you guys,the food was nice and our guide was Jonathan. we look forward to raft again. Thanks”

Mary Kings


“I just wanted to thank you again for the gift certificate package that Chek 6 gave me a couple of months ago. It was the Hyak River Rafting, Accent Inns and BC Ferries Package. We just went river rafting in Lytton in the first week of August. IT WAS AMAZING! It was so much fun, I can't believe I was afraid. Thank you again!”

Margaret McCormack


Just thought I’d pass this along; along with my thanks for all your help with the organizing of the trip too!!

Thanks for organizing everything for the weekend Sonya! We had a great time! (Also, pass on thanks to everyone else who helped pull it off J )

Jessica Vandenakker


“Just a quick note to thank you for [yet another] well-organized and fun day. Our group (c/o Colleen Doty) was again fortunate to land themselves a fabulous guide, Simon. Thanks as well for planning such great weather.
I know that some of our group stayed around to thank Simon on behalf of all of us (or maybe they just left an envelope) but please pass on my personal thanks.”

Cynthia Johnston


“I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I had a super duper time on the rafting trip that I took on Monday, August 17th.
All of the staff was so friendly and helpful.............Will and Paul both did an awesome job and made my day so special.
I am going to be telling the rest of my family about this trip and hope that we can all make the trip next year.
Thank you again for EVERYONE doing such a super job.”

Barbara Traversy


“I had the best weekend ever! You guys made is so comfortable and enjoyable. Keep doing what you love, as your stories and life travels are so inspiring and make the trip even more adventurous!”

Tamara Leitch


“I am writing to thank you so very much for the lovely trip my family and I had this past weekend. The experience was a pleasure right from our initial booking. Your office staff were very helpful and your guides were very professional in all aspects of our trip. We felt safe, prepared, informed (always teaching) and cared for at all times during our visit (not to mention entertained continuously and well fed!) We will pass onto our friends and co-workers a very positive picture of your business and would like to thank everyone for this beautiful memory.”

Barbara Hunter


“I just wanted to let you know that everyone from Morrison Hershfield had a blast on the Chilliwack river last Saturday. Everyone here enjoyed the time spent on the river and the day couldn't have been nicer. The Hyak guides made the experience fun and also helped to build our confidence on the river.
Thanks again for all your help and for arranging transportation for us.”

Catherine Lemieux


“I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you for the River Rafting weekend we had. You had us all organized perfectly so that we could have a good trip. Lots of laughs, screaming, getting wet, and just a good family day. Becs was a fantastic guide. Please send her a comment letting her know that I am hooked and will be back again for a more daring ride down the canyon .... 'of death'!
The BBQ was fantastic, excellent food, and the dancing was great fun. The whole family was up on the dance floor.”

Vicki Kunzli


“I JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU AGAIN, FOR MAKING OUR DAY SO GREAT!!!! THE RAPIDS WERE FANTASTIC, THE FOOD WAS DELICIOUS AND THE GUIDES FOR OUR GROUP WERE GREAT!!! I'll be requesting Simone - she did a great job & put up with all our bantering, rude jokes and water fights! And of course we all know David will be requesting you, Randy)! ALL OF YOUR STAFF WAS EXCEPTIONAL AND FRIENDLY! KUDOS TO EVERYONE!! WE'LL SEE YOU NEXT YEAR WITH MAYBE 2 BUSES!!!!!! ”



“Just a quick note to let you know how the Fraser Heights rafting trip went. In a word: terrrific. If it was sunny and 35 degrees, it would have been spectacular. As it was (4 degree water), it was a hoot. It was some of the best water I can remember. There were parts of the river I remember, but were way more exciting this run, and new parts I hadn't seen before. Every kid had a blast, and many may raft in the summer. (I am thinking of organizing a trip down the Thompson for some friends...). Thanks for getting me in touch with Warren, and please send along my appreciation. Cheers,”

Jim Milross


“Thanks again for such a wonderful time. Our group can't stop talking about it! We really had a great time and the pictures turned out great too. I have already passed on the Hyak info to my friend Russ Riffel so I think you're going to see another group shortly.”

Kari Yuers



“My wife and I were lucky enough to be on the rafts to make the first descent on the Chilko/Chilkotin/Fraser this year. We were kind of apprehensive at first, this being our first trip and me with an aversion to cold water. My fears were put to rest after the first few stroke from our guide Mark ( Freak). He turned out to be the most congenial and in formative outdoor guide that I have met. The food was outstanding and our guides and their crews did the utmost to make sure everything was just right. Very hard working and professional, they all pulled together under Trish's firm but gentle hand. All six days were incredible and just when we thought it was all over there was a stretch limo waiting to take us to our cozy safe homes.
   We had a really wonderful trip and I will not hesitate to recommend this trip and any others that you offer to friends who want an unforgettable adventure in our most beautiful B.C.”

Charles and Katherine Warren


“Chilko Trip Aug 5-11”

“I just got home and I wanted to thank you for the most amazing trip. I had an unbelievable great time. I know that all of the kids had tons of fun and I hope that all of you had just as great of an experience. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into the trip, it was really unforgettable.”

Karen Finkelsiein


“   Just a note to thank you for the wonderful time spent on our recent Chilko trip.
   I think that Richard and I were a bit over-awed by it all as we had never experienced anything like it before.
   The guides, Trish, Charlie, Freak, Kevin and Cruise made it an unforgettable trip. They were all just terrific people. Thanks to you Caria & Caroline for you good offices as well. You are all a credit to Hyak.
   Finally I just have to say that the stretch time ride was a gas and Trish is some lady.”

Roger C., Essex, England


“It was a fantastic river trip, the best I've ever been on, and it's been hard to concentrate on work, my mind keeps going back to BC. You were a great trip leader, the people you lead down rivers a very lucky to have you. It was a magical combination, of high water, good people and good river Karma.”
   “I'm already trying to figure out when I'll get a chance to go back to BC, maybe bring the kids to show the area to them.”



“I just wanted to write you to tell you how much I enjoyed my recent 3 rivers raft trip. Trish, Friek, Kevin and Cruiser were great representatives of your company. The leadership & hospitality (+food !) were every bit as good as advertised. The safety precautions made me feel I was in the hands of true professionals. The other guests happened to be a great group (I hope they felt that way about me!) So, all in all, it was a Wonderful trip. I have told + retold tales to my friends + relatives so often that I bet theyre getting tired of listening to me.
   Enclosed are some pictures. If they can be sent to the people in them I would appreciate it. If not, just post them!
   I hope I can take another trip with you in the future.”

Bob Schultz


“Just wanted to let you know we had a fabulous time last week. Our group had exceptionally high expectations (instilled by Kay and me) and Hyak and the river delivered. It was an adventure of a lifetime. We even got to the airport on time.
   I also wanted to let you know that Beetle, Carsten, Charlie took exceptionally good care of us. I hope you let them know that we know they worked their butts off for us, that they did a great job, and that they are appreciated. I think Beetle does a great job delivering safety as well as a great time.
   It may be a couple of years before we return but we hope to get back to the Chilko.
   Meantime, if you should ever need somebody to vouch for how Hyak delivers, just let me know. I'd be proud to extol your virtues.
   And, please send a dozen brochures. I already have some requests.
   Again, thanks to all for a great time.”

Bob & Kay Reynold


“My wife, Diane, and I just completed Hyak's six day rafting trip August 1-6 on the Chilko, Chilkotin and Fraser Rivers. Had I tried to program the trip, I could not have done better than what we experienced. We are total novices, never having camped before, nor even rafted. From the moment we met the Hyak representative at South Terminal to our drop odd six days later we experienced and unforgettable journey.
   Several variables which could have adversely affected the trip and over which Hyak had no control operated in our favor. The weather was perfect, the rivers were running high and fast and the 20 guests got along wonderfully. It only takes one or two malcontents to ruin the trip for everyone. But in this case everyone pitched in, cooperated and participated in all events with great enthusiasm.
   Now to the area over which Hyak has ultimate control, the guides. I can't speak highly enough to the whole gang: Trish, Freik, Charlie, Dave and Cruise.. They demonstrated extraordinary poise under difficult conditions, made us all aware of the dangers involved within the context of the experience and also produced wonderful meals. I don't know how they did it with only limited rest. And they were always cheerful. All in all it was one of the most exhilarating experiences of our lives made even more special when one encounters outstanding professionalism.”

Jack Bulkley